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Conversant Bio is dedicated to improving human health by serving as a partner to research and development companies and institutions across the globe. Research professionals need access to highly-annotated human biospecimens that are high quality and are collected under institutional review board (IRB) approved guidelines. Our ability to obtain these samples allows researchers more time to perform the potentially life-saving research that they are trained to do.

An end-to-end system that makes these samples easily accessible to researchers requires an operations team that includes site development, lab, and premier support. These departments are dedicated to finding participating clinics and physicians, processing the samples, and supporting the client through the process of project setup and shipment. Additionally, an expansive sales, support, and financial team is onboard to make Conversant Bio the procurement partner that customers love to buy from again and again.

Why Choose Conversant Bio?

Our Vision

Because patients are waiting . . .™

Our Mission

Improve human health by connecting patients, medical professionals, and the research community to catalyze breakthrough research and novel therapeutic solutions.

Our Core Values

"Glad to Be Here" - We appreciate the opportunity to work at Conversant Bio. It is a privilege to come to work every day because what we do matters. It matters to customers, it matters to patients, and it matters to us. At Conversant Bio we embrace the challenge of our jobs with passion, commitment, and a can-do attitude. Being “glad to be here” is a mindset that we carry with us every day. We choose to be here. We choose to work hard. We choose to solve important problems that matter for humanity.

Open and Honest Communication - At Conversant Bio we make every effort to communicate openly and honestly in order to build strong, lasting relationships. This value is not limited to communication between co-workers, but extends to our patients, our clinical sites, and our customers. We are consultative and attentive listeners. We are respectful and considerate of the other party. We are truthful and we over-communicate. Our written and verbal words say what we mean, and before we speak or write them we have thought carefully about what comes out. We believe that this value helps build trusting and meaningful relationships that withstand the test of time.

Fail Forward - We embrace innovation and continuous improvement. With this mindset there will be both successes and failures. Both are opportunities to discover, learn, and grow. Learn from the past, and face the future with an attitude of how you can improve and make Conversant Bio a better place. Share your successes and failures with the entire team so that everyone is empowered with this knowledge. Innovation and continuous improvement will result in a culture where discovery is born and nurtured and challenges are tackled head-on.

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